How To Install Wampserver On windows PC


Localhost is the name used to describe the local computer address. Localhost always translates to the loopback IP address Usually localhost used to desplay web pages . It’s also useful to use to learn coding/programming on your computer. Localhost allows you to the support oh Apache Webserver, MYSQL and PHP on your computer. But the bundled doesn’t built in on windows computer. There are lot of clients for windows such as XAMPP, WAMP, AMPPS to create a local server on your windows computer. LAMP & MAMP for linux and Mac users. In this article i’m going to show you how to install wampserver completely and make a local server on your local PC.

Why I use WAMP instead of others ?

WAMP, also called as WAMP server. Wamp means Windows Apache Mysql and PHP.  I use wamp and recommanding you to use it because, it’s free and easy to use than all other clients.

Install WAMP On Windows PC

So, we gonna create a local server on your windows pc using wamp. Follow all steps carefully and do with my recommendations.
First of all you have to download the latest version of wamp from  WampServer website .

install wampserver - wamp homepage

See the screenshot and download X64 or X32 bits that your pc runs with.
You may not know Wamp server requires some Microsoft Visual C++ packages to run the local server. If you won’t install the required files, the installation will not be completed. you don’t know which version of packages you should install, right ? Or you’ve tried different versions of VC++  packages and it doesn’t worked. I mean the installation didn’t completed properly.
Don’t worry, there is an software to check required Components to install Wampserver on your Windows Computer.  Click here to view all Secondary repository of Wampserver files. From below of the page download the file named Checks VC++ packages installed

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install wampserver - download repositories

Open the downloaded file and it will show you reqiured VC++ packages that you need to install.

install wampserver -check vcredist

The notice in this picture says that I’ve installed all VC++ packages to install Wamserver . But your result could not be same as mine. You will be noticed for install some VC++ packages and have to follow the notice to completely install Wampserver .

If you’ve completely installed the required repositories then run the wampserver exe file that you’ve downloaded earlier and it will start installation. During the installation there could be some things that need to do manually(easy steps).

After the installation process , you’ve to follow the wampserver icon from the taskbar tray that if it goes to green or not like the screenshot above.

install wampserver - taskbarBecause, green signal means that all services i mean Apache, PHP or MySQl services are running neatly. If the icon goes to green signal, then your able to use wampserver for your local projects.


Okay guys, we are in the end of the tutorial. Follow up all steps carefully and complete the installation then start your projects in offline. Whatever, you face any problem please feel free to drop comments.
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